Introduction: Innovation Skateboard

My skateboard is basd on innivation,which is different from the traditional skateboard.The traditional skateboard and the scaffold between the ties,but for my own person,this skateboard has some disadvantages.As we all know ,skateboarders need to do a lot of difficult movements,so skateboarders need feet and skateboards to have more supportsites.That's how my skateboard came into being.

Step 1:

let's build a 70 * 21 * 1 board.

Step 2:

A circular roof is taken to set it to a diameter of 21, a thickness of 1, a rotation to an appropriate angle, a copy, a rotation, and a plate combination.

Step 3:

Process the surface of the board to make it look better.

Step 4:

Now, we begin to make tires and supports. Compared with the traditional skateboard bracket, it is located in the middle of both sides of the skateboard, and this position is often the position where the athlete's feet are in contact with the skateboard. Skateboarding skills mainly include: The AerialL (on the slider), The Invert (on the U platform), The Ollie (strip take-off), these techniques can be said to be the most important skateboard action except the flip board. So I think the bracket between the plate and the tire should be a double frame, so that the sportsman can have better foot support.