Introduction: Insanely Simple Nerf Rapidstike Voltage Mod for Begginers 9V

So first off before I start this let me get a few things settled.

1. this is not a lithium ion/poly battery mod no trustfires or stuff like that are needed.

2. no soldering, cutting, or disassemble of the blaster is needed. And as a result It is 100% reversible

3. This is intend for people who are just starting in the modding world and want something simple that wont permanent break the blaster.

4. this well not last for nearly as long as 4 C Battery's but it well work on a higher voltage

So with that out of the way lets get to the long list of parts!

1. One 9v Battery.

2. One alligator clip.

yes you read that correct that's all you need!

Step 1: Opening the Battery Compartment

you well need to unscrew these three screws to open the battery compartment

Step 2: Adding the Battery and Clip

first place the 9volt batterys negative terminal (the big one) to the spring in the back. then connect either end of the alligator clip. then connect the other end of the alligator clip to the remaining battery connector in the back, it should have two tiny little tabs to connect it to

Step 3: Reassembly and Testing

put the tray back in and tighten up the screws and your done. It should fire right away if not your wires might need to be connected better.
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