Introduction: Inschenkhulp 2019 - Pour-in Aid 2019

Maxime is a 19 years old man who works at a cafeteria in the weekends. Because his right hand shows a spastic pattern and has loss of strength, it's hard for him to turn his hand into supination. This makes it hard for him to hold a glass the right way for a beer. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a perfect beer.

With the 'Pour-in aid', Maxime can put any drink in any glass and faster than ever. It's easily washable and some parts are removable. Maxime can use it in the cafeteria but he can also use it at home.

When it's busy at the cafeteria, Maxime can now co-operate optimally wit his colleagues at the cafeteria. He has to put a glass into the holder and push on a lever with his affected hand. This way, the glass is going to tilt, so you can make the perfect beer with foam. He has to pour the drinks in (out of a bottle) with his left hand. With this tool, it is possible to put other drinks in glasses than beer.

Step 1: What Do You Need?



- Copper rod (4 mm thick)

- Paint roller (with foam rubber)

- Plexi tube

- Aluminum plate

- Bolts and nuts

- Adhesive tape

- Silicone


- Sawing machine

- Silicone gun

- Drilling machine

Step 2: Aluminum Holder

First of all, you need to saw the aluminum in the right shape. After that, you can spray it with a special sprayer in the color black. This is also a protective layer on the aluminum so it doesn't rust. When it's dry, you have to lasercut two lines so you can fold it into the right shape.

Step 3: Attaching the Plexi Tube

Drill two little holes into the plexi tube and in the aluminum so you can attach the plexi tube with the aluminum. You can attach it with bolts and nuts.

Step 4: Make a Base for Your Glasses

Saw two copper rods so it fits in the plexi tube. Drill 4 little holes in the plexi tube. Make sure the copper rods fit into the holes perfectly. Cut EPDM into two squares that fit into the plexi tube. stick the EPDM together with the copper rods between them. Put little holes into the EPDM with a drilling machine so liquids can go through it.

Step 5: Finish the Pour-in Aid

Drill two holes that fits another copper rod (for the lever). Put the copper rod through the holes. Add adhesive tape at 8 cm from the end of the copper rod so you can create a click system for the paint roller so you can remove it when it's dirty. Put a paint roller on it till it clicks.

Take some EPDM leftovers and cut into three pieces. Stick it on the bottom. This way you can make it anti slip.

Put silicone on all the holes with copper rod so it sticks together.

Step 6: Make Your Client Happy!