Introduction: Inside Out Birthday Cake- How to Make

Join Colin and his emotions as they teach you how to make a birthday cake inspired by Disney Pixars Inside Out movie. Starring Colina Cranachan as Joy and Colin Starfish as Disgust, Fear, Anger and Sadness. Its just as weird as it sounds.

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Step 1: All the Emotions Are Out!

So what you will need is:

For the cakes:

466g of Unsalted Butter

466g of Caster Sugar

8 eggs

666g Self Raising flour

6-8 tbsp of milk

Food colouring (red, blue, green, yellow and purple- I use Progel)

2x 20cm cake tins (lined with parchment paper)


250g of butter (for the icing)

500g icing sugar (for the icing)

1kg white ready to roll icing (to cover the cake, there will be excess so you can use this for further decoration)

25cm cake board (or there abouts)

20cm cake card (to place the cake on, before putting onto the board)

200g ready to roll icing (any colour you wish)

Smarties (or skittles, any sweet thats round and has all the colours of the cake)

Any cake decorating tool to help with the decorating process, such as Cranked palette knife, Large rolling pin, icing spacers.

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