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Introduction: Inside-Out Boxes

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Sometimes I want to re-use a box I've saved to contain a project, tools, or materials, etc... But I don't want the graphics printed on the box. So what I always do is turn the box inside-out. That way I can have a clean, neutral container that I can label, or not, as I see fit. It's very easy to do and well worth the 2 minutes it takes.

Step 1: Open and Flatten the Box

Step 2: Break the Glue Line.

Using a putty knife or just your fingers, tear through the glued joint on the glue tab. Then clean off any loose bits of paper that are not firmly attached.

Step 3: Turn Inside-Out

Bring the glue line back together, but with the box inside out.

Step 4: Re-glue the Glue Tab.

Glue it up and place something heavy on it while the glue dries.

Step 5: Fold It Back Up.

Or save it flat for future use. Done.

Step 6: How About a Nice Sturdy Box With a Handle?

Same steps as before until you need to reverse the handle.

Step 7: Reverse the Handle

Squeeze the plastic tabs on the handle to remove it, then re-attach it on the other side of the cardboard as shown.

Step 8: A Shoe Box Is Even Easier.

Some boxes have no glue line to break. They fold all the way flat and can be reversed without glue!

Step 9: Done. Give It a Try!

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    7 weeks ago

    I think more people should do this instead of just throwing the box away, it's a shame companies don't include a small diagram on the box or have a leaflet inside with instructions on how to do this, excellent work Sir...

    May I ask you about your glue dispenser please, is it something that you have made yourself or can you buy them, it look's extremely useful...

    Thank you for sharing all your work and for taking the time to make all of these Instructables, you have a new follower Sir...


    2 years ago

    Such a brilliant idea! I'm seriously wondering how I have managed to live this long and have never thought of it myself!? Totally going to do this!!!


    Reply 2 years ago

    thanks. have fun...