Introduction: Inside-Out Boxes

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Sometimes I want to re-use a box I've saved to contain a project, tools, or materials, etc... But I don't want the graphics printed on the box. So what I always do is turn the box inside-out. That way I can have a clean, neutral container that I can label, or not, as I see fit. It's very easy to do and well worth the 2 minutes it takes.

Step 1: Open and Flatten the Box

Step 2: Break the Glue Line.

Using a putty knife or just your fingers, tear through the glued joint on the glue tab. Then clean off any loose bits of paper that are not firmly attached.

Step 3: Turn Inside-Out

Bring the glue line back together, but with the box inside out.

Step 4: Re-glue the Glue Tab.

Glue it up and place something heavy on it while the glue dries.

Step 5: Fold It Back Up.

Or save it flat for future use. Done.

Step 6: How About a Nice Sturdy Box With a Handle?

Same steps as before until you need to reverse the handle.

Step 7: Reverse the Handle

Squeeze the plastic tabs on the handle to remove it, then re-attach it on the other side of the cardboard as shown.

Step 8: A Shoe Box Is Even Easier.

Some boxes have no glue line to break. They fold all the way flat and can be reversed without glue!

Step 9: Done. Give It a Try!

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