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Introduction: Inside-Out Cheese Sandwich

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I discovered this recipe a while ago on Reddit (of all places) and after trying it, I thought I simply had to share it with the instructables community!
This is a sandwich with enough cheese to...well I can't think of a good metaphor but it does contain a large amount of cheese and it is absolutely delicious!

Here's a little video summarising the recipe, I *edited* the footage slightly to make it a tad more interesting. The instructable is more serious than the video, but the video does contain all the information you'd need!

Disclaimer, the first image of this instructable isn't mine, but it's better quality than anything I could take so I just used it. Everything else is mine though, and the product of this instructable is identical to the intro image.

Step 1: Ingredients + Equipment

I say "equipment" loosely since it's just everyday kitchenware.

Cheese (I recommend chedder)
Butter (REAL butter of course!)
Bread (white bread is best for this)

Frying pan (the larger the better)
Cheese grater (optional)

The cheese grater is optional because although I use grated cheese in both the video and the instructable, slices work just as well (but not the bought packeted kind...yuck)

Step 2: BEGIN!

Step 3: The Adventure Continues...

5. Add the other slice of bread to complete the sandwich, and flip the whole thing over
6. Now add bread to the top of the sandwich
7. Flip over in one clean movement so no cheese will fly off
8. Now add cheese to the other side!

Leave for about 3-4 minutes before moving on to the next step to let the underside cook!

Step 4: The Epic Finale

9/10. Flip the sandwich over and it should look like pictures 9 and 10
11. Wait 3-4 minutes to let the other side cook, then flip it over to make sure it worked!
12. Eat it.

Well I hope you enjoyed my instructable and its product just as much as I did!

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    9 years ago

    Need more info like what temp to put the stove on


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Medium to low. Like, if the stove has a dial, "medium" would be the position between the highest temperature (excluding anything like "Boost setting") and the lowest temperature. "Medium to low" would be anywhere from this position to about 1/4 of full power. It's vague because every hob/stove is different (gas, electric, induction). At the end of the day, it only needs to be hot enough to melt cheese and butter so it doesn't depend all that much on exact values (my previous comment was deleted by myself because I accidentally described, in phenomenal detail, what values to set on a microwave, thinking this was a different instructable haha)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Trial and error mainly. Although it's mostly error...


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Yes. This is how it ought to be done. To maximize interior cheese and cut down on cheese attrition, I like to briefly broil two slices of bread with cheese on top of each in a toaster oven. This starts the melting process so none of the shredded bits get lost in the pan, and it really cuts down on the amount of stove top time which leads to fewer burned sandwiches and a better shape/presentation of the end result. Cheese on top and bottom is just brilliant. Kudos to you for sharing and to the Redditor who shared this idea initially.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Nice suggestion, and thanks!

    And the cheese doesn't burn? Very nice! If there is anything better than a cheese sandwich, it's a double cheese sandwich :)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah the cheese doesn't burn, it's only on medium/low heat, so it's only really enough to melt it. And this is a TRIPLE cheese sandwich ;)