Inside the ISS

Introduction: Inside the ISS

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In this instructable, we’ll see what the astronauts are doing in the international space station... just in lego form!

Step 1: Level 1.

For the first level, start building using 1xwhatevers as seen in the pictures. You’ll want to build about 7 levels high. On the sixth level, there is a pull up bar, as seen in pics 5-7.

Step 2: Level 2.

Now for the second level! This level has a couple of special pieces. These pieces are shown in pic 2. Build as shown in the following pictures.

Step 3: Level 3.

As mentioned in step two, you’ll need one of those special pieces. Build as shown in the following pictures.

Step 4: Decor.

Now, we will add the decor, or whatever activity the astronauts are doing. First, you have the man eating the pizza. Then, you’ve got the one doing the pull ups. And finally, you’ve got the man watching the tv. And there you go! You now have a glimpse of what astronauts do in the ISS (they also do a lot of scientific research, among pigging out:)

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    5 years ago

    BTW, sorry I could not add room for the space helmets in the original picture. I discovered a way to make the creation a little more roomy and convenient.