Introduction: Inspirational Tin

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While the world has changed the way people have communicated by the technology of emails, tweets and texts, digital emojis and memes... this little pocket size, simple to make, simple to share and inspirational tin will put a smile on the faces of the people you share the little paper inside with others in your life.

Think of it as a little mint for the soul.

Send it to your friend, your grandma or anyone who could use nice thoughts everyday.

Put it in your pocket to share with whomever you want.






A razor

A tin can with lid (I am using an Altoids tin)

Step 1: Download the PDF

Download and print the inspirational lines.

Cut out each line.

Fold and make the fold in thirds.

Place each piece of paper into the tin.

Print out and cut the instructions and the back of the tin "Humanity spends a lifetime trying to find a voice - trying to be heard."

Step 2: Tape the Top and the Bottom on the Tin

Line up the paper instructions and the bottom paper and tape the labels on the tin.

I used packing tape to mount the paper and then another layer of clear packing tape, like a plastic cover, to make it stronger when it is in my pocket.

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