Introduction: Inspirational Words on Canvas

This one I made for my sister. She's really happy with it luckily! :D

Step 1: What You Need:

  • canvas
  • paint
  • somewhere to put your paint in :P
  • paintbrushes: thin and thick (optional)
  • letters stencil
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • and of course a quote of your choice

Step 2: Paint Your Canvas

Paint your canvas your desired color. Mine is a nice golden brown. It's easier if it's blank (or a light color) for the next two steps. But you can always use a white pencil.

This step is optional, you can leave your canvas blank if you want, like I have in the past. And this is the step you need your thick brush for, cause doing this with a thin one will probably take ages :P

Step 3: Draw Lines

Draw straight lines as guidelines for writing the letters on it.

I really like my Donald Duck ruler cause I use the red section as the width between every line, so I use the other side of the ruler (the bottom in this picture) to actually draw the line. I put the edge of the red section on my last line and draw the next, and so on... You should use your own width according to your letters. The height of my letters were about 1,75 cm and I have 2,5 cm space that means I have 0,75 cm space between the letters. It's usually a little less cause I always go over the lines with the paint of the drawn letters xD

You can leave this step out if you don't mind your letters not being on one line.

Step 4: Draw the Letters

Use your stencil to draw the letters on your canvas. The bottom part of the stencil is on the line, so with words that have a flat bottom the line is part of the letter. I wrote who made the quote with smaller stencils you can see in the picture.

Step 5: Paint Your Letters

Paint all the letters and be creative! Like how I did, as you can see in the next step, with the word rainbow.

Step 6: And You're Done!

Don't forget to erase the pencil lines!