Introduction: InstaMorph Longboard Hack

Materials list:

  • long board
  • Instamorph
  • wrench/sockets
  • screwdriver
  • pot
  • multiple grits of sand paper
  • spray paint of your choice
  • clear coat
  • drill and 1/4" bit
  • clamp

Step 1: Get Water Hot for Instamorph

Instamorph reaches peak malleability at about 140 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit (60 to 71 Celsius).It is easiest to get water hot, I got the water boiling, then add in the Instamorph pellets.

Step 2: Disassemble Longboard

Depending on what type of long board you have you have to take the trucks off, either all the way or just part of it. If you have a top mount just undo the tightness nut and take off the bushings then just the front screws and mold the Instamorph to the truck. If you have a drop through then take it all the way off.

Step 3: Shape Instamorph

Once the Instamorph reaches temp and is clear take it out of the water and lay it on something plastic (cutting board works just fine). Then take a rolling pin and make it flat any where from a quarter to and eighth of an inch. take a knife and cut a rectangle about 8 by 2 and take that piece and shape it to the nose then push it round to be over the screw holes for the board. Take a knife and cut off excess plastic lat dry for a couple seconds until it takes shape then pull it off and let dry the rest of the way or it wont come off again.

Step 4: Finalize Shaping

Taking a sander or even just a piece of sand paper take out the bumps and things like that just make it look even. Also at the point after sanding put it back on the board and line it up straight and take a clamp and hold it tight then drill a hole for the screws.

Step 5: Paint Prep.

Start with coarse sand paper and start smoothing it out and work your way through until you have fine sand paper because when you paint every rough edge will show up even more pronounced.

Step 6: Paint

Once you have sanded it down spray paint it, and for the first coat go heavy.

Step 7: Sand After First Coat

Take a very fine sand paper and sand it down lightly to remove any rough spots but don't remove all the paint

Step 8: Paint Again

Paint it again with a light coat, after it dries and you think it still inst smooth enough then sand it again and add coats until it is where you like it.

Step 9: Clear Coat

Once it is smooth enough add clear coat. it will add a kind of protective layer.

Step 10: Reasmeble

Now once everything is all painted put the trucks and nose guard back on and test it out.

Note: When it does its job paint will come off so every once and a while sand off clear coat and add some more paint.