Introduction: Instalation of Convertible Camaro Rear Seat Covers

The rear bench seat covers I purchased from Coverking; however I think that the following procedure should work for any brand seat cover. Note that the convertible has a solid rear backrest, and my car has a speaker in the center of the seat. The procedure is straight forward, there are no bolts to remove both seats are held in by clips

Step 1: Take the Top Down If Possible and Have More Room.

If the convertible can be opened it makes for easier removal, I'm not saying that you have to but I found that it was .nice to stand straight rather than hunched over

Step 2: The Bottom Half Comes Out First.

The bottom part of the seat has two front clips which pull straight up
to release. Lift the now free front part of seat at a 20 degree angle. Push the seat down and pull towards you, freeing the two long clips that hold the back part of the seat in place to clips mounted on the car body. Remove the seat and place outside of car.

Step 3: Remove the Backrest

The backrest part of seat is held in place by two clips on the top reverse, one on each side. Push the top part of seat down to compress clips and then pull straight out freeing the top part of the backrest. Now the backrest is attached by circular clip with a track that grabs the round stud on the bottom side of seat. Be careful not to break or loose the small plastic spacers that go around the clip on the seat. Carefully release the backrest from the clips by lifting up and out of track. Remove backrest and place out side car.

Step 4: Install Backrest and Bottom Seat Cover

Take the seat covers and lay out backrest and seat, attach and adjust
according to fit. Notice to keep the path where the seat belts return clear of any tie downs, as well as not covering areas on the bottom where the clips have to engage.

Step 5: Now That They Have Covers on Them Replace in Reverse Order.

First install the backrest making sure not to trap the seat belts behind the stud and clip, use caution not to snap the small plastic spacer. Rotate backrest to car frame securing both clips. Place the bottom half of seat into place using care to align the seat belt clips with the path in the seat. Using the seat belts clips to align the seat in the center of the car, push the seat down and back securing the bottom clips. To ensure that the bottom clips engage carefully reroute any tie downs that have caused missalignment. It might take a couple of ties at fist to secure the back clips. With the back clips secure now rotate the seat to the forward securing the clips in the front of seat.

Step 6: Finished Hope Yours Look As Good As These.

These seat covers have been great, even after 3 years I love the added look.

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