Introduction: Install 2015-up Ford F150 Raptor Style LED Lighting Kit

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The Ford Raptor is a great truck from factory that already looks mean and is performance ready. Many people love the raptor style grill lights and want it on their truck as well. That’s why we created this iJDMTOY Ford Raptor Style LED Grill Light Kit and in a few short and simple steps, you can install this on your 2015-up Ford F-150.

Step 1:

Take off the front grille. To remove the grill, there are some clips and bolts on top of the grill as well as 2 bolts next to the headlights that you need to take off first.

Step 2:

Now that the grille is off the truck, we’re going to be focusing on the grille.

Step 3:

Grab the L-shaped mounting brackets and mount it on the Raptor Style LED lighting kit using the top two openings. Screw the bolt in to secure the L- shaped brackets.

You will notice that when you flip the Raptor Style LED grille lighting kit over, that there are the wires. After the assembly these wires will be hidden making the wiring invisible.

Step 4:

Now mount the Raptor Style LED lighting assembly behind the grill. You’re going to use the 2 center openings and use the included screws to secure the Raptor Style LED Grille Lighting Kit.

Step 5:

Now that everything is installed you will notice the Raptor Style Grille Lighting kit’s LED emitters peeking through the top of the grille opening and no wires are visible.

Step 6:

Put back the grill together with all the components you started off with as well.

Run the wires to headlight +/-

Test to make sure everything works and enjoy your new raptor style LED grill lighting kit

Step 7:

Installing this Ford Raptor Style LED Lamp Kit was straight forward and transforms your car to have that mean look in the front. This is a great add on piece to your 2015-up Ford F-150 and makes it look aggressive. No modifications needed to install this which makes installation that much more simpler.