Introduction: Install a CPU

Instructions how to install a Central processing unit.

Step 1: Get Ready!

Eliminate any chance of frying your new CPU with static electricity. Your body can carry a slight electric charge. To discharge your body of static- touch something metal occasionally.

Step 2: Up Next!

Processors, can be different, so you don't want to swap out a Pentium 4 with a AMD Sempron . They are not compatible, unless you plan to build an entirely new system. If you are unsure your new CPU will fit in your current system, Go to the program CPU-Z will tell you everything about your computer. Remember to verify that the socket on your motherboard will fit the new CPU.

Step 3: Lets Get Started

Open up the case of your computer. The CPU is housed underneath the big object (heat sink) which is usually Silver or Copper. There is a fan over the heat sin, but I removed it for the picture.

Step 4: Let It Free!

Most heat sinks have a release tab (picture). Remove the heat sink with this release tab.(keep in mind to discharge) After you remove the heat sink the CPU should be visible.

Time to take out that old CPU!
Nearly all CPUs use ZIF (zero insertion force) style for removal and insertion of the processor. Just take the handle and pull up until it clicks. The CPU should now be ready to be removed. When pulling the CPU out be careful, do it slowly and be sure not to bend a single pin.
Unpack your new CPU and install it. Line up the arrows. When you are finished lock the CPU in and if needed apply thermal paste(heat transferring paste and is very cheep), but only use a small amount. Finally lock the heat sink and fan in place close up the case and see if it works. Good Luck!