Introduction: Install Brick

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Quick instructions on installing brick. This is the down and dirty easy instructable on laying brick. I made another version, but figured I made it way to complicated. So, enjoy this version and let me know in the comments what you think.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

1. Brick
2. Plastic Cement
3. Sand
4. Grinder
5. Shovel
6. Wheelbarrow
7. Mallet
8. Trowel
9. String Line
10. Level
11. Pencil
12. Measuring Tape
13. Ruler

Step 2: Make Plastic Cement

1. Take 6 shovel scoops of sand and mix it with your plastic cement.

2. Add water till it looks similar to the picture above. Try not to make it to wet because the brick will sink. However, don't make it to dry because brick won't stick to the cement.

Step 3: Set Up String Lines

1. Figure out your lay. It's usually best to start away from the building and lay towards it.

2. Set up your string lines and make sure it's tight. This will give you height and distance of where the brick should be. Beginners should start laying 3 brick rows at a time.

3. Hint: Adjust string line to desired height to allow a slope for water to drain.

Step 4: Lay Brick

1. Lightly wet down the area and your brick. This will help keep the moisture in your plastic cement.

2. Put enough plastic cement down to lay around 10 to 15 bricks. Smooth out the cement with your trowel.

3. Put a brick in position and hit it with the mallet till the brick is set at your height and angle.

4. Once you've laid 3 bricks across then use your level to ensure they are even.

5. Repeat.

Step 5: Make Cuts

1. Measure the distance for your cut.

2. Mark your brick and draw a line between the two points.

3. Take your grinder and cut your brick to desire length.

4. Install your cut.

Step 6: Congrats!

Congrats! You now know how to lay brick. I have a more detailed instructable on brick which you can access through my profile. Make sure to follow and I'll be having a concert pour and tile instructable available soon.