Introduction: Install Fluid Style Rear LED Bumper Reflector Foglamps

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This guide will show you how to install the JDM fluid style red LED rear bumper reflector and rear fog light kit, made to fit the 2016 and later Honda Civic. This LED assembly replaces both your OEM bumper reflectors and stock plastic bezels, unlike our regular LED bumper reflectors.

This installation will require some drilling. However, since the holes will be drilled behind the bezels they will not show up at all. Please note that this LED bumper reflector and fog light set fits the Civic sedan only. It does NOT fit the coupe nor hatchback body styles.

Step 1: Remove the Bumper.

Take out the bolts holding the bumper up at the wheel well and the edge of the trunk gate.

Step 2: Take Off the Stock Reflector and Plastic Bezel.

Undo the tab or clip and release the OEM reflector and bezel by reaching your hand to the back of the bezel.

Step 3: Drill Holes Into the Body.

This is a necessary modification step to allow the wires to be connected to your tail light harness.

Step 4: Clip in the LED Rear Bumper Reflector Fog Lights.

Thread the wires through the drilled holes before replacing your stock reflector and plastic bezel.

Step 5: Pull Out the Tail Light.

Undo the screws holding your tail light to expose the stock harness.

Step 6: Connect the Wires to the Stock Harness.

Tap the green wire to the tail light positive, the red wire to the brake light positive, and the black wire to a ground.

Step 7: Test Your Rear LED Bumper Reflector Fog Lights.

Make sure the tail and brake light functions work properly. Once you've confirmed that it does, re-secure your tail lights and screw back in your bumper to finish. You can now enjoy your Honda Civic's new set of JDM fluid style rear LED bumper reflector fog lights!

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