Introduction: Install Ford F-150 80W High Power CREE LED Foglamp

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This tutorial will show you how to install the 80W CREE LED fog light kit for the 2015 and later Ford F-150. This pod light set features a new mounting bracket system that integrates the mounting bracket with the fog light bezel for the most secure and flush fit on your F-150 truck. After this installation, your Ford F-150 will shine so much brighter with dual LED fogs on each side.

Step 1: How to Tell the Difference Between the Two Metal Plates.

Before you get started, get to know the two different metal plates included. You can tell which metal plate is the mounting bracket and which is the front metal bezel by its shape.

The metal mounting bracket has an extended lip on which you mount the LED pod lights, and it has mounting locations that matches the OEM fog light bezel's.

The front metal bezel has a curve on the lower corners that contour to the shape of your Ford truck's lower bumper.

Step 2: Put the LED Pod Light Bracket Assembly Together.

Preassemble the LED pod lights.

Once you have pre-assembled the pod lights, bolt them onto the mounting bracket.

Slide the front plate metal fog bezel over the pod lamps and bolt the two mounting plates together with the included M6 screw and nut.

Step 3: Remove the Fender Flare.

Give yourself hand clearance by turning the wheel inwards.

Unbolt the screws circled in red on both sides of the fender flare and wheel well.

This will allow you to take off the fender flare.

Step 4: Take Off the Air Vent to Reveal Your Stock Fog Light.

Remove the screws circled in red to take out the air vent and reveal your factory fog lights.

Step 5: Separate Your OEM Fog Lights From the Stock Bezel.

Release the stock bezel by removing the bolts circled in red.

Unbolt the vertical beam to give yourself more working space.

Unplug the fog light and pry out the fog light from the plastic bezel.

Step 6: Take Out the Bezel From the Fog Light Opening.

Please be patient in performing this step because this is the most difficult part of the installation. Angle the bezel carefully so no other parts become loose. You won't have to remove the bumper to install the cubed CREE LED fog lights this way.

Step 7: Mount the LED Pod Light Bracket Assembly Onto the Fog Light Location.

Bolt onto the holes indicated by the red circles.

Step 8: Final Steps

Adjust the LED fog lights to make them point forward.

Wire the dual LED fog lights using the included relay wiring harness with on/off switch.

Test your LED fog lamps to make sure they light up. Once they do, put the vertical beam, air vent bezel, wheel well, and fender flare back into plate to finish.

Enjoy your Ford F-150's brand new set of 80W cubed CREE LED fog lights!

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