Introduction: IJDMTOY Install Front Bumper Tow Hook Mounting Adapter

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You can directly bolt on this license plate tow hook bracket adapter onto your vehicle's front bumper tow hole to mount this license plate mount. There is absolutely no drilling or bumper removing so you don't risk damaging the front bumper. Some people hate having a front license plate, but don't want to get pulled over by the police either, so this is a great alternative. Having the license plate on the side is a great look that is most efficient and flashy.

Step 1:

When you compare the stock tow hook and the stick from the license plate mount, you will notice that the threading is a little different. This is because the stock tow hook is made with steel from a mold, whereas the license plate mount stick is made with a CNC machine, which is a computerized machine used to carve the aluminum.

Step 2:

Remove the tow hole cover. Keep in mind that the removal varies by car. Some vehicles may require a pry tool to remove and some vehicles only require you to gently push in the corner of the cover. This BMW here only needs a slight push.

Step 3:

Insert the license plate mount stick. Make sure the stick is inserted in so that it's perpendicular to the opening. There is only one entry point for the threading to latch on. Slowly turn the license plate mount stick clockwise, up to 360 degrees until it catches on. Do not tilt the stick in any way.

The tow hole adapter stick does not have to be extremely tight, just enough so that it's secure. Since the license plate isn't considered heavy duty, you just need to make sure that it's secured enough so the license plate will not spin. You can even use a wrench to properly secure if you wish.

Step 4:

After you tighten the stick, mount the license plate. You'll need to use one of the 1/4" nuts that's included in the package. Put it in between the license plate mount stick and the plate. Insert the screw to mount them together.

This increases the friction between the license plate mount stick and the plate to prevent spinning. The adapter plate is designed with curves so as you install, you can tilt it slightly so the plate is parallel with the car bumper.

The bolts are specially designed to use the hex tool included in the package so that once you install the license plate adapter, it's extremely difficult to steal. Use the hex tool and the wrench to secure the nut and screw onto the license plate to complete installation.

If you feel that the license plate is not secure enough, you can use an extra nut and screw included in the package. There's four sets included, and most people only secure the top corner of the license plate, so you definitely have some spares left over.

Step 5:

This is a great look that's most unique and efficient! Enjoy your tow hole license plate mounting adapter bracket.