Introduction: Install Google Coder on Raspberry Pi Using Mac OSX

I read about Google Coder a few days ago and I thought it'd be cool if I can install it. Here are the instructions.

0. You need a SD card that is at least 4 GB in size, a Raspberry Pi with connection to your local network, and a Mac. I think this will work for all versions of Mac OSX, but I'm not really sure. I'm running this on a mid-2009 MacBook Pro with Mac OSX 10.9.1.

1. On your Mac, download Google Coder at This may take awhile since it's over 1 GB.

2. Unzip the file. Go into the coder folder and execute by double-clicking it. If you get a warning about permissions, try right click (or control-click) the icon and choose Open.

3. Wait until the installer screen comes up, may take 20-30 seconds. Follow the directions on the installer. Make sure to put in the SD card when it tells you. You also need to input your administrator’s password.

4. When done, take out the SD card from your Mac and put it into the Raspberry Pi. Start your Raspberry Pi by plugging in the power supply. After loading, you will see the coder login:

5. You don't need to do anything on the Raspberry Pi anymore. On your mac, in a web browser, navigate to "http://coder.local", confirm the certificate prompt.

6. Create a password and start learning with Coder.

NOTE: I'm curious if Google Coder is more than just a learning tool. Maybe there's a way to set it up as a standalone web server. If you know how, please tell.

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