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Introduction: Install Halo LED Projector Fog Light

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When you combine the classy look of halo rings plus the super bright output of projector fog lights, you get a pretty neat set output with a smooth look. Like most retrofit products, these halo LED projector fog lights come in varying options and can be modified to fit almost any vehicle. If you've got a knack of taking things apart and putting them together, then these projector fog lamps are a great choice.

You can also pick up a relay wiring harness set so that you can use a switch to independently control your fog lights. That means you will have the LED halo rings light up as daytime running lights, and the fog lights will light up under your control!

Step 1:

Before we get started...

Since these projector fog lights are a universal fit product, there isn't just one way that this product can be installed. Your vehicle may require additional brackets or other support in order to accommodate this product.

You can try to glue the projector fog lamps to your fog lamp if the bezel opening is approximately the size of the fog lamps. Otherwise, you can use the brackets included with the product or use some additional support with brackets you can find at any hardware store.

This is an example of how the projector fog lights will look after they have been secured onto the fog light bezel.

Step 2:

You can use a pry tool to open the existing fog light opening. If there are surrounding plastic parts, you can remove those as well.

Please remember to take a look at how you mounted the projector fog lights before you mount back the fog light bezel.

Step 3:

Once the covers are open, you will see an empty space that you can use as a pathway to route the wires from your engine bay to the fog lights.

We'll be installing these projector fog lamps with the relay wiring harness from the intro so you can add a switch to control the on/off function of the fog lights.

Step 4:

Once you lower the wire down to the opening, you will connect it with the fog lights so you can use the switch.

Step 5:

Once everything is connected you may need to extend the wire.

You will need to tap the halo rings to the ground and the ACC for the daytime running light portion.
You'll also need to install the relay wiring kit to the projector fog lights so that you can turn them on/off with a switch.

For the harness:
Red wire goes to battery +
Black wire to battery -
Single white wire to the switch
Remaining wires to the fog lamp.

For the switch:
Red wire goes to the ACC
black wire to ground
White wire should already be connected to the relay

Shorter wires go towards the side where the battery is located, longer thicker wiring is routed to the other side of the vehicle. After you connect the wires, if you see the wiring indicator on the switch light up red, it means that the wiring is successful. Press the button and the indicator will light up green and your fog lights will light up as well.

Step 6:

Draw the wire through the firewall and install the switch onto an empty slot.

Step 7:

Test to see if everything works and enjoy your new halo LED projector fog lights!

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    5 years ago

    i own a Honda Amaze which doesnt come with fog light. I just have a dummy grill for fog light. How can i install projector fog light in it??