Introduction: Install IJDMTOY 03-15 Nissan Titan LED Light Bar

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The Nissan Titan is an overall great truck made from Japan and has the pedigree of Nissans performance line up. People use this truck a lot for their jobs and many work through the night where light is important. Adding this iJDMTOY 20” LED Light Bar for the Nissan Titan is perfect for those types of situations and here you’ll learn how to install it.

Step 1:

To install this LED light bar, you need to first of all trim these 2 vertical center beams in the lower bumper area. This is to provide more room for the LED light bar and without trimming it, it won’t fit.

Step 2:

Pry out the 2 center clips as indicated. The openings are where you’re going to be bolting the metal mounting bracket.

Step 3:

When you pull away the plastic piece, you will see that above it is the metal bumper frame. This means that your LED light bar will be secured tightly on there because the mounting bracket is directly bolted on to metal.

Step 4:

Get all your components such as the bolts and washers together. Grab the screw and above the grill frame, release the screw so that the threading comes out of the exposed holes from where the center clips used to be.

Step 5:

Get the metal mounting bracket and bolt it in place. Use a nut to secure it and repeat on the other side.

Step 6:

You will see in this step why it is imperative to trim off the vertical center beams. Bolt on the LED light bar in between the mounting brackets.

To secure the LED light bars in place, use the screw and bolt combinations. Using the screw and bolt combo, (screw, bolt, light bar) will tighten more securely and firmly to ensure that your LED light bar is tightly on the mounting brackets.

Step 7:

The best part, peel off the plastic film.

Step 8:

Now wire up your LED light bar for your Nissan Titan and make sure it works before taking your truck off-roading.

Step 9:

You can see that installing this LED light bar was straightforward that the only modification needed for your truck was to cut off 2 center beams. These off-road truck LED lights will provide you the light you need to go on your nightly adventures and for whatever else you may need it for.