Introduction: Install IJDMTOY Dodge Ram 1500 Express LED Light Bar

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The 2009-up Dodge Ram 1500 is a classic American truck and has amazing capabilities. To match this amazing truck you need an awesome LED Light Bar and that's why we here at iJDMTOY created this Dodge RAM 1500 Express LED Light Bar. This LED Light Bar is powered by a 240W High Power Double-Row Curved LED Light Bar and also comes with Lower Bumper Mounting Brackets.

To make sure your Dodge RAM 1500 is compatible, you need to have the Express Sport Bumper that has one open piece at the lower bumper location. You will also nee to remove the one piece plastic trim at the lower bumper location and remove the existing tow hook if its still on the truck.

Step 1:

Remove this lower bumper plastic piece. It should be easy to remove. Locate the 2 screws there on both sides that hold up the crash beam. We are going to use those to mount the metal brackets to hold the LED light bar later.

Step 2:

This picture shows you how to attach both of the mounting brackets. Put the holding bracket onto the L-Shaped mounting bracket just like this picture. Do this before you mount it onto your truck.

Step 3:

Attach the L-Shaped Mounting brackets onto the screws of the Dodge Ram. We recommend you bolt it onto the second hole here.

Step 4:

This is a sample prototype of the mounting bracket. You can see how this was mounted on the truck which is the same way we are going to mount the L-shaped bracket. Make sure you secure the L-shaped bracket in place so that it will be strong enough to hold the LED light bar in place and then do the same thing on the other side.

Step 5:

Mount the LED light bar in between the two holding brackets and then securely bolt it into place.

Step 6:

You will not be able to adjust the angling of the LED light bar slightly. We recommend that the Dodge Ram LED light bar sit on top of the bumper.

Step 7:

Now that you're all done with your all new iJDMTOY LED Truck Light you can show it off now to your friends. Super bright and does an awesome job at lighting up the road ahead. Perfect for off-roading and as work lights deep into the night.