Introduction: Install IJDMTOY Ford F-250 LED Pod Fog Lights

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The Ford F-250 is known in the truck world as perhaps one of the most formidable and heavy duty utility vehicles out there. Its gigantic size and work prowess make it one of the most sought after trucks that money can buy. Many Ford F-250 owners use their trucks on and off the road, so its important to have the best safety features outfitted on the truck. One of the most popular additions that drivers add is the iJDMTOY Ford F-250 LED fog light kit that utilizes the stock fog lamp location to replace with some pretty powerful CREE LED pod lights as the fog lamp function.These Ford F-series LED fog lamps is also compatible with Ford F-350 and F-450, so you could install these LED fog lights on lots of trucks.

Step 1:

Gain access to the back of the fog lamp location.

Step 2:

Remove the existing fog lamp. Loosen the three screws behind the back support bracket and unplug the stock

Step 3:

Attach the metal mounting bracket onto the back support bracket. Use a screw, nut, and washer to secure both
sides of the metal mounting bracket onto the back support piece. Make sure the bottom tail of the metal bracket is fixed behind the back support piece.

Step 4:

Assemble the LED pod light onto the curved metal bracket. Check out the video in this step to see how to assemble the LED pod light and the curved bracket together.

Step 5:

Now secure the LED pod light onto the flat metal mounting bracket. Use the screw, washer, and nut to tighten.

Step 6:

Take the garnish bezel and attach it to the mounting bracket via the four holes on the outer edges of the
bracket. The LED fog light assembly will peek out of the bezel slightly, just like the OEM fog lights.

Secure the back mounting bracket onto your Ford F-Series truck via the top 2 silver holes and the bottom singular hole.

Step 7:

Now wire up your new LED fog lights. Hardwire the wires on the LED fog lights to the stock harness adapter.

Now repeat the installation process on the other side.

Step 8:

You can see that installing some truck LED lighting is actually quite straightforward, without any messy complications or difficulty during the process. As a truck driver, it's very important to be equipped with the best lighting as safety features so that visibility is always up to par and exceptional. After you've upgraded your fog lights to LED, you will definitely be able to see how amazing the lighting output is.