Introduction: Install IJDMTOY Ford F-250 F-350 LED Side Mirror Lights

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Step 1:

Adjust the side mirrors towards the Ford F250/F350 to locate this white tab behind the mirror.

Step 2:

Once you find this white tab, you can either push on it with either your fingers or if your fingers do not fit, a screw driver and push in, to release the OEM side mirror reflector.

Step 3:

Carefully take out the OEM light bulbs by twisting and pulling and place the side mirror lamp to the side.

Step 4:

Remove the OEM halogen bulbs and directly replace it with the new iJDMTOY LED’s. Once plugged in ensure that the light bulbs turn on. If they do not, simply flip the LED bulb 180 degrees.

Step 5:

When the bulbs are working properly, put the new iJDMTOY Smoked lens side mirror reflector on and now you are done installing the new iJDMTOY F-250 or F-350 SuperDuty LED Side Mirror Lamps.

Step 6:

With a few simple steps you can see how easy it is to convert your Ford F-250/F-350 SuperDuty OEM side mirror reflector and lights to the new Ford F250 F350 LED Side Mirror Lights. This gives the vehicle a more aggressive look and stand out from the crowd.