Introduction: Install IJDMTOY High Powered LED Fog Light

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This installation guide is created to help many people install our iJDMTOY LED Fog Lights in their vehicle. For this example, we used a 2015 Toyota Tacoma but the steps will generally be the same. Many LED fog light installations will be relatively the same so you too can follow along to installing LED fog lights on your vehicle.

Step 1:

You're first going to access the fog lamp location. In some vehicles, you can access the fog lamps from the front but other vehicles require you to turn your wheel to gain access to the wheel base. After that, you can take off the wheelbase cover to get the fog lamp.

For this truck, we turned the wheels to get to the wheelbase cover so we could remove it revealing the fog lights.

In this instance, we rolled the tire to gain access to the wheelbase where we removed the clip cover to expose the fog lamp location.

Step 2:

To get the fog lights out, unscrew and unplug the fog lights and carefully take it out.

Step 3:

Make sure that your new iJDMTOY LED fog lights are put in the same way you took out the OEM fog lights.

Step 4:

Now, install your new LED fog lights, screw them in tightly, and plug it in to the stock harness.

Step 5:

What if the LED fog light does not light up?

You can first bench test your iJDMTOY LED fog lamp kit with a 12V Power Source.

If everything works, ensure that the adapters are plugged in all the way. To know you did it correctly, you will hear a clicking noise once the adapters are secured. If the LED's still do not light up, flip the adapter 180 Degrees and try again. Check the connectors to see if the pins are all straight in the adapters.

Once everything works properly, put everything back together and enjoy your new LED fog lights.