Install IJDMTOY LED Headlight Upgrade

Introduction: Install IJDMTOY LED Headlight Upgrade

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Headlight technology has come a long way ever since the first vehicles hit the road about a century ago. At first, there weren't even headlights installed onto cars so it was extremely dangerous to drive after the sun went down. Nowadays in the present time, there are so many different kinds of headlights available, including halogen, HID, and LED. One particular type of headlights that's taking the auto industry by storm are LED headlights, which are praised for having a super bright output, classy white glow, and extra long lifespan. LED headlights are available on a number of new luxury cars, but if your car doesn't have LED headlights, you can easily get a LED headlight upgrade that is sure to elevate your car to outrageous levels.

This is a quick guide to show you how to install a pair of LED headlights of varying sizes so you can get a whole new look.

Step 1: For H8 H9 H11 H16J 9005 9006

H8 H9 H11 H16J 9005 9006 are single beam headlights, with a very straightforward installation process. To install, simply locate the back of your headlights and twist/unlock to remove the OEM headlamp bulb. Just directly replace with the new LED headlight bulb and twist to lock.

Be sure to replace all the components you may have removed, including rubber cap covers.

Step 2: Dual Hi/lo Beam H4 H7

H4 and H7 are dual beam headlights, meaning they have both high and low beam. To install, you will need to locate the back of the headlights and remove the OEM headlight bulb. When you replace with the new LED headlight bulb, you will first need to insert the bulb base. Then you can install the LED afterwards.

As always, put back all the components that you removed in the beginning, like the rubber dust cap covers.

Step 3:

See how easy it was to install a new LED headlight upgrade? You'll be amazed by the lighting quality and output since LED headlights are practically unparalleled New LED headlamps are definitely a great way to spice up any car and will make it look extremely luxurious.

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    4 years ago

    I replaced both low beam bulbs on my 2010 Corolla with the 9006 LED's. Unfortunately the bulbs are not UL rated for noise so my radio now has interference when ever the low beams are turned on. Now have to find a solution to reducing the radio interference.