Introduction: Install IJDMTOY Subaru WRX//STi JDM LED DRL Bezel

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The Subaru WRX is an iconic car in the JDM world with many people converting their cars to be more like the one you get in Japan. A simple and great way to complete this look is with our iJDMTOY Subaru WRX LED daytime running lights. This easy install simply directly replaces the OEM fog light bezel with a Subaru JDM LED fog light bezel.

Step 1:

Pop out the OEM Subaru WRX Fog Lamp bezel.

Step 2:

Route the wires from the engine bay to the new Subaru WRX JDM LED Daytime Running Light so that you can wire everything easily.

Step 3:

Get the new Subaru WRX JDM LED DRL Bezel and connect the wires together. Once that’s done, put the new WRX JDM DRL bezel in its new place making sure that you hear a clicking noise to know when they are in secure.

Step 4:

Tap the black wire to battery negative and red wire to ACC 12V.

Step 5:

Check to make sure everything works and enjoy your new JDM style daytime running lights for the Subaru WRX.

Step 6:

The Subaru WRX LED DRL Lamps for the Subaru WRX is perfect for those who want their car to look like the ones in Japan. This simple install will go great with other JDM parts for the Subaru WRX and will match the motif of the car. It’s simple, yet effective way to get that JDM look that everyone loves.