Introduction: Install Jeep Wrangler LED Headlights

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LED headlights are the future and owners of the Jeep Wrangler are lucky enough to have a set of direct fit LED headlights for their Wrangler! There are two different sets of LED headlights for you to choose from, with a pair of standard LED headlights or a pair of switchback LED headlights. They are both very good choices for Wrangler owners so you would just have to determine which functions you want in your new LED headlamps.

Step 1:

Release the hood hatch by unlatching the clips in red.

Step 2:

Remove the screws/clips in the front grille and remove the front grille to gain access to the headlights.

Step 3:

Put one hand at the bottom of the grille to pop it up and use your other hand to pull out the grille.

Step 4:

Remove the screws that hold the metal ring around the headlights.

Step 5:

Remove the metal ring and remove the headlights.

Step 6:

Unplug the headlights.

Step 7:

Installing the LED headlights is very easy. You will need to replace everything in the exact reverse so you can put back the 7 inch LED headlights.

Step 8:

7" Round LED Headlights Wiring Guide:

Connect the 7 inch LED headlights to the anti-flicker LED CAN-bus driver module box. You MUST install these Jeep Wrangler LED headlights with the module box or you risk burning out your LED headlight.

Connect the module box back to the headlight harness.

This 7" round speaker shape LED headlights also comes with an H13/H4 adapter so if you need these LED headlamps to fit an H4 socket, you can connect the module box to the H13 to H4 conversion adapter and then connect the conversion adapter back to the headlight harness.

Step 9:

Round LED Headlights w/ Switchback LED Halo Rings Wiring Guide:

If you purchased the more advanced 7" round speaker shape LED headlights with switchback features, you will first need to connect the LED headlamps to the anti-flicker LED CAN-bus driver module box. Again, you MUST install these Jeep Wrangler LED headlights with the module box so you don't burn out your LED.

Tap the single yellow wire to the left and right turn signal positive.

Connect the other side of the wires to power (the one with fuse box to parking light positive or ACC 12V+ in the fuse box; the blue wire to ground, and the optional yellow wire to headlight positive if you want to turn off the LED halo ring when headlight is on)

Step 10:

It doesn't matter which LED headlight you pick for your Jeep Wrangler, since the high quality CREE LED lights will make everyone on the road check you out!

These LED headlights also fit Jeep Patriot, Liberty, Toyota FJ Cruiser, Cruiser Bikes with some simple retrofitting such as adding a mounting bracket, etc