Introduction: Install IJDMTOY Lexus IS F-Sport Fog Lights

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Ever since the 3rd generation Lexus IS F-Sport came out with 2014, there have been tons of aftermarket accessories available for car fans to install on their vehicle. These direct fit Lexus IS F-Sport LED Fog Lights are perfect for the USDM 3rd gen Lexus IS250/IS350 since it does not come with fog lights. This installation will give your Lexus IS F-sport a great JDM look that's pretty unique.

Step 1:

Turn the wheel and open the wheelbase plastic cover. This is so you can gain access to the back of the fog lights. Remove the OEM fog light support bracket - the OEM F-sport fog lamp isn't available for the North American version so it's not needed.

Step 2:

Remove the fog lamp location plastic insert. Use one hand to support the plastic insert in front and another hand to push it out.

When you put back the LED fog lamp, you may notice there's a slip gap with the bumper. This is normal since the OEM stock bezel also has a slight gap that you can see above.

Step 3:

There is some speculation going around on the forums that the reason why the Lexus IS F-Sport isn't supposed to have fog lights is that the fog lamp will actually block airflow to the engine.

We found out during installation that this is NOT the case! The F-Sport bumper has its own air vent as indicated by the picture and the "fog lamp openings" you see actually aren't connected to the engine bay.

Step 4:

Insert the LED fog light starting from the corner with the longest tab. Gradually ease the LED fog light in with the middle length tabs and push in the shortest tab at the end to lock the entire LED assembly in. You can see from the close-up picture where all the tabs are located.

Step 5:

This shows the Lexus IS F-Sport USDM vs the all new JDM ones.

Step 6:

After you install your new LED fog lights, now you have to wire them up. Connect the wires of the F-Sport LED fog lights to the stock DRL system.

Locate the stock LED daytime running light adapter below the headlamp and unplug it.

We will be using the middle wire and the striped wire. Tap the red wire of the LED fog lights to the middle wire and tap the black wire of the LED fog lights to the striped wire.

We hardwired the setup since we didn't have any T-taps on hand, but you can use either T-taps or even quick taps for an easier installation.

Step 7:

Test to see if your new LED fog lights work and repeat the process on the other side.

Step 8: