Introduction: Install Lexus IS LED Rear Bumper Reflector

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With the new Lexus IS redesign, there are some pretty neat add-ons that you could install on your 2014-up IS that would definitely upgrade the car. Of course, this famous Japanese car is already luxurious enough, but some new Lexus IS LED rear bumper reflectors would really bring the car up to a whole other level. Not a lot of people have gotten wind of these LED bumper reflectors, so you would have to be quick if you want to be one of the first people on the road to have a pair.

Step 1:

Remove the rear bumper.

There are some clips that need to be removed prior, but if you're not sure where the clips are located you can visit some online forums for people who have removed their bumpers already.

Step 2:

You'll gain access to a 10mm bolt after you remove the rear bumper. Remove the bolt and remove the stock bumper reflector.

Step 3:

Remove the stock bumper reflector and the stock taillight.

Step 4:

Extend the wires to where the LED bumper reflector is located.

Step 5:

Test the bumper reflector LED lights to make sure all three functions (taillights, parking lights, turn signal lights) work properly.

If they work, then you can put them back.

Step 6:

Put the new LED bumper reflector lights back the same way you removed the stock reflectors. Test the LED lights again.

Step 7:

The photos demonstrate that the installation is pretty straight forward if you follow the instructions. These Lexus IS LED Bumper Reflector Lights and the three functions really make the car a bit more unique. It's not everyday that you come across some new LED bumper reflectors that have taillight, turn signal lights, and parking light all in one.