Introduction: Install Linux Infrared Remote Control (LIRC) Package

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Linux Infrared Remote Control (LIRC) is a suite of programs that controls the infrared interface hardware of the Raspberry Pi. The lirc debian package provides a number of programs:

ircat - print strings when pressing buttons

irrecord - application for recording IR-codes for usage with LIRC and creating LIRC daemon configuration settings. lircd.conf

lircrcd - daemon to handle consistent .lircrc state among client applications

mode2, smode2, xmode2 - shows the pulse/space length of infrared signals. This program can be used to test whether a infrared (IR) remote control unit is sending any IR signals.

irexec - run programs with one button press. This program enables the infrared remote control to execute programs in the Raspberry Pi.

irsend - basic LIRC program to send infra-red commands

irw - sends data from Unix domain socket to stdout. This program can be used to verify and debug LIRC daemon configuration settings, lircd.conf when LIRC clients are not responding.

lircd - LIRC daemon decodes infrared signals and provides them on a Unix domain socket where LIRC clients are listening.

lircmd - LIRC mouse daemon translates infrared signals into mouse events


This instructable will show how to install LIRC package

This instructable will NOT show how to configure the various programs in the package.

Step 1: Install

Open a terminal emulator in Raspberry Pi

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install lirc