Introduction: Install Liquorix in Debian-based Linux

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This is the best kernel in the 'verse for gaming!
It can be easily installed in Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Debian.

Note: Liquorix contains non-free drivers, so if you are a holier-than-thou member of the Free Software Foundation or hate the concept of proprietary software in general, ignore this post.

Step 1: What Is Liquorix?

Liquorix is a Linux distro kernel based on the latest stable version of Linux. Liquorix contains drivers not included in the main Linux release. It has been configured for gaming and multimedia.

In my post about custom kernels, I describe distro kernels in a little more depth.

Step 2: Add the Repo

edit software sources and add:
deb sid main

Now open the terminal and update your sources with:

apt-get update && apt-get install

Before proceeding to the next step, install the keyring package with the command:

apt-get install liquorix-keyring

Step 3: Install

Open your package manager(software center, software manager, synaptic,etc.) and search "Liquorix". Install the image and the headers packages for your architecture (amd64 for 64bit system, 686:i386 for 32bit). Should look like:

at the time of this writing, kernel version is 3.13.6
Architecture should be either amd64 or 686:i386.

Step 4: Reboot

Self-explanatory. If you are using GRUB, make sure that the Liquorix kernel is highlighted, in order to boot into it

Step 5: Done

Enjoy more responsive gaming, and improved support for graphics cards! Try this improvement with your linux compatible Steam games.