Introduction: Install Mazda 3 LED Turn Signal Lights

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Got a Mazda 3? Swap out the old turn signal lights and replace them with a brand new pair of Mazda 3 LED turn signal lights. This set of LED turn signal lamps is error free and does not require any resistors. They are specially designed so be used as front or rear turn signals and have gone through extensive testing on a wide range of Japanese vehicles. This is a plug-and-play installation so there is no modification required.

Step 1:

Open the carpet cover in the trunk.

Step 2:

Untwist and remove the stock turn signal light bulb. Remove the bulb and plug in the decoder as well as the LED bulb.

Step 3:

Test to make sure the LED bulb lights up.

Step 4:

Insert it back inside the housing. Apply a bit of pressure when you push the bulb in since it has a silicone base.

Step 5: