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Introduction: Install Mercedes Benz LED Illuminated Grille Emblem

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This guide shows you how to install the LED illuminated base for the Mercedes Benz grille emblem. This LED base works perfectly with the OEM Mercedes Benz grille emblem for a sleek, new look. All you need is a tiny bit of modification for a classy, factory look.

Step 1:

Remove the factory Mercedes Benz emblem from the grille by turning it counter clockwise and pulling it out.

You will notice that there are two long tabs at the back of the factory Mercedes emblem. There is absolutely no functionality for these tabs as it's used as a guide for assembly. Since there's only one way to put it in, the tabs are used for faster assembly.

Step 2:

You can easily remove the tabs with your finger. They won't be needed when you install the emblem onto the LED illuminated base.

Step 3:

Clip the Mercedes Benz emblem onto the new LED illuminated base. It may seem that the star points are spaced an even 120 degrees apart, but that's not the case. There is only ONE way to match up the star's points. Keep rotating the star until it matches up perfectly with the base and you can clip it in. There is only a maximum of three tries to succeed.

Step 4:

Tap the wires to parking lights or headlights +/-

Step 5:

When you install the entire assembly back, pop it in and turn it clockwise. Be gentle and don't try to forcefully shove it in.

Step 6:

Test to make sure everything works and enjoy your new Mercedes Benz LED Illuminated Grille Emblem!

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    Question 2 years ago

    Does this work for a 2012 glk 350 thanks


    4 years ago

    great instructions very easy to follow

    but need to know how to remove star from 2018 amg gtc


    5 years ago

    Please do anyone have an idea which colour cable should l connect my badge led light to. I have E class 2015 . There are many colour cables put together to the day running light. With the illuminated led badge light, it has two cables red and black. Please help.


    5 years ago

    Installed the LED but now message comes up " radar dirty collision" . By pressing ok the mesaage goes away. How do you get this message to go away?