Introduction: Install Mercedes Benz ML LED Daytime Running Lights

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Mercedes Benz SUVs are already pretty luxurious and a popular choice among plenty of drivers, but a new set of Mercedes Benz LED daytime running lamps is always a great choice. This installation guide is based on a 2008 Mercedes Benz ML, but this guide also applies to Mercedes Benz GLK and Mercedes Benz GL because the general idea is still the same.

Check out some cool direct fit LED daytime running lights for your Mercedes Benz SUV:
Mercedes Benz ML LED Daytime Running Lamps
Mercedes Benz ML LED Daytime Driving Lights
Mercedes Benz GL LED Daytime Running Lights
Mercedes Benz GLK LED Daytime Running Lights

Step 1:

Remove the existing fog lamp bezel covers and stock fog lamp.

Step 2:

Insert the DRL module box wires from the engine bay to the fog lamp opening.

Step 3:

Connect the LED daytime running lights to the stock wires.

Step 4:

Make sure to connect the existing fog lamp harness to the resistor decoder and mount the decoder to metal. This will prevent the computer on-board fog lamp message.

Step 5:

Put back the new LED daytime running lamp assembly the same way you removed the stock fog lamp bezel covers. Be sure all the wires are connected and test to see if everything works. Enjoy your new Mercedes Benz LED daytime running lights.