Introduction: Install Nissan 350z or 370z Sidemarker LED Backlight Rings

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Let's learn how to install the Z4 style Nissan Z 66-SMD LED backlight rings on the:

  • 2003-2009 350z
  • 2009-2018 370z

Unlike other illuminating rings on the market, these LED illuminating rings have an IP65 water resistant rating so it can withstand rainy conditions without suffering a short. Also available in amber LED, the LED Z emblem rings also feature a slim form factor so your side logo does not stick out like a sore thumb. Flush fit all the way!

Please note retrofitting actions like trimming, gluing, and wiring may be required to install the Nissan Z LED
emblem backlight rings. Test each unit before you apply the Z4 style illuminating rings.

If you have a Nissan Z model listed above, this mod is the way to go so let's begin.

Step 1: Remove Your Side Z Emblem.

Clear out any residual adhesive. If you are removing a side marker light, disconnect it from the stock harness.

Step 2: Apply the LED Emblem Ring Onto the Backside of the Nissan Z Emblem.

If placing the ring behind a side marker light, remove one or both of the screws to loosen the socket bracket for easy application. Route the LED ring’s wire upwards so that it doesn't get in the way of the ring’s placement.

While you can use the included double-sided tape to secure the ring, we highly recommend gluing the LED side marker ring onto your emblem.

Step 3: Connect the LED Ring Wires to Your Parking Light or Headlight Harnesses.

Extend the wires if necessary.

Step 4: Final Steps

Place your Z emblem/side marker light back on.

Reconnect the side marker light if applicable.

Repeat these steps on the other side.

You may now enjoy the xenon white or amber yellow accent lighting on your side emblem!

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