Install Raspbian OS in to Raspberry Pi 4

Introduction: Install Raspbian OS in to Raspberry Pi 4

About: Dr. Ninad Mehendale, Associate Professor, K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering, Vidyavihar, Mumbai, India

This is the first tutorial in the Raspberry Pi series

Content Preparation: Dr. Ninad Mehendale, Mr. Amit Dhiman

Installing Raspbian OS in Raspberry Pi is one of the most basic steps one should know. We present a simple step-by-step procedure for the same.

Hopefully, you all will able to follow.

Let us start!


You will need the following items:

Raspberry Pi 4

SD card (Preferred: 32GB, class 10, UHC-I)

Laptop with Windows and internet connection

Step 1: Insert Micro-SD Card Into an Adapter

Step 2: Plug the SD Card Adpator to a Laptop

Step 3: Go to ''

Step 4: Search for Keywords 'Raspbian OS Download' and Press Enter Key

Step 5: Double Click on the Link From '' and Navigate to the Official Website

Step 6: Double Click on 'Raspbian' Thumbnail in the Downloads Section

Step 7: Go to “ Raspbian Buster With Desktop and Recommended Software “ Section, and Select the 'Download Zip' Option

Step 8: Your Download Should Automatically Start. Wait! Till It Finish.

Step 9: Extract the Downloaded Zip File Using Any Software Such As 7-zip or WinRAR Etc. After Extraction Is Complete, You Should See an .img File in Extracted Folder

Step 10: Meanwhile, Go Back to Web Browser, Navigate to “installation Guide” Link on Top of the Page From Which You Have Downloaded the OS

Step 11: Navigate to Win32DiskImager Section

Step 12: Under the Win32DiskImager Section Double-Click on SourceForge Project Page to Download the Software

Step 13: On the Website, Click on 'Download' Option to Initiate the Download Process

Step 14: After Downloading, Install 'win32Disk Imager' Using the Setup File

Step 15: Click on 'Install' to Start the Installation Then Wait Till Installation Is Complete. Click 'Finish' at the End.

Step 16: After Installation Is Complete Open 'win32Disk Imager' & Select the Image File to Be Burnt

Step 17: Under the 'Device' Option Select the Proper Drive (Micro-SD Card Location, Which Is Plugged to Your Laptop)

Step 18: After Selecting the Proper Image File, Double-click on 'Write' Option to Start the Burning Process. Wait Till Process Ends. IMPORTANT: After Installation Windows Will Ask You to Format Drive Click 'Cancel'

Step 19: Now Remove SD Card From Laptop and Put It Into SD Card Slot of RaspberryPi

Step 20: Connect Keyboard and Mouse to Raspberry Pi

Step 21: Connect Monitor With Help of HDMI Cable. Remember Raspberry Pi Has HDMI-out Port and Therefore Must Be Plugged Only to HDMI-in Devices, Such As, Monitors. DO NOT PLUG HDMI-out From Raspberry Pi Into Your LAPTOP

Step 22: Finally Plug Power to Raspberry PI.

Step 23: Final Setup Looks Like This!

Step 24: If Everything Goes Well, You Should See Raspbian OS Installed on to Your Raspberry Pi. for Any Queries Contact ''

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