Introduction: Install Scion TC LED Rear Fog Light

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If you've got a Scion tC, then you know that it's one of the most popular cars on the road with plenty of options for upgrade! This is a set of Scion tC LED rear fog light that converts the bulbless rear reflector into a fiery brilliant red LED that makes everyone on the road notice you! This guide covers how to install the LED 4th brake light for your Scion tC to give it a whole new JDM look.

Step 1:

Remove the screws holding the bulbless rear reflector in place and then remove the entire rear reflector assembly.

Step 2:

Carefully drill a hole using the drill bit included in the package. We recommend drilling directly in the center of the assembly, using the center raised portion as a guide line so the hole isn't misaligned.

Try to slightly shave down four corners of the socket in small increments so the socket can fit snugly in the housing.

Step 3:

Install the socket into the housing. It should fit very tightly. If it is a little bit loose, you can apply some silicone glue around the outer corners of the socket to create a tighter seal.

Step 4:

Remove any plastic clips that hold the rear plastic cover over the bottom of the trunk. Route the wires from the tail light assembly through the bumper and into the trunk area.

Remove any plastic clips and carpet that cover the driver side tail light assembly.

Step 5:

Locate the tail light and brake light mode wires. You will be tapping to these wires for power.

The color combo of the wires may differ among production batches, so we recommend that you double-check and test which wire is what function. You can easily test the socket by inserting the bulb and touching the wires directly to your car's battery. Mark which wire is the brighter mode, parking light mode, and negative. When you have determined the appropriate wires, tap them to the stock tail light assembly wiring.

Tap the negative wire from the socket to the ground and the black wire of the stock parking light.

Step 6:

Test to make sure everything works and reinstall all of the components that were removed for installation. Enjoy your new Scion tC LED 4th brake light!