Introduction: Install Subaru WRX LED Bumper Reflectors

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When you've got such a strong performance based car like the Subaru WRX, then you would probably want to modify the car with some new parts to make the ride super unique. This set of Subaru LED Bumper Reflectors is a great way to add some more unique features to your car, by replacing the stock bulb-less reflectors into a whole new LED look. Installation is fairy straightforward and the lamps are a direct replacement so there's no modification necessary for a great look.

This set of LED Bumper Reflector Lamps is good for:

  • 2008-2014 Subaru Impreza
  • 2008-2014 Subaru WRX or WRX STi
  • 2013-up Subaru XV Crosstrek

Step 1:

First you will need to remove the stock reflectors. Try to reach your hand behind the bumper and squeeze the two tabs on the edges to release the reflector.

Step 2:

Pull out the stock reflectors.

Step 3:

Once your stock reflectors are out, you can directly replace the location with new Subaru LED Bumper Reflectors.

Step 4:

Now you will need to wire up your new LED assembly.

Remove the tail light so you can tap the wires of the new LED bumper reflectors to the vehicle's body. Route the wires from the LED reflector behind the bumper up to the tail lamps. It helps to secure the wires with black tape so they don't fall back down to the lower bumper.

Step 5:

This diagram shows you a rough idea where you will tap the wires.

Tap the A wire to tail light, B wire to brake light, and C wire to ground.

Step 6:

Now put everything back the way it was removed. Test to make sure everything works and enjoy your new Subaru LED Rear Reflector Lights.