Install Tight Bicycle Grips Easily With Zip Ties




Introduction: Install Tight Bicycle Grips Easily With Zip Ties

Bicycle hand grips are hard to put on. Often made of rubber or foam rubber, they must cling tightly to the handlebars so they they don't come off while you are riding.

Unfortunately, this makes them hard to put on in the first place. Some people use dish soap, hair spray, or compressed air.

I will teach you how to use zip ties to make this process easier. You will need a small bag of zip ties (about 20), but all but 1 will be reusable after each handgrip.

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Step 1: Prep Handlebar

Clean off the handlebar. Dry it off, etc. Mine is a bit rusty because it's an old bike.

Step 2: Start Building the Sleeve

Loop 1 zip tie around the handlebar and pull it to "almost tight" . It needs to be loose enough to slip more ties into, while tight enough to hold them.
Put the zip ties into the loop and have the loose end go over the end of the handlebar.

Step 3: ...All the Way Around

Continue adding zip ties until you have covered the handlebar with them. You're making a tube of parallel zips ties all the way around the handlebar.

Make sure they are evenly distributed and aren't stacking on one another.

Step 4: Cinch and Shift

When your sleeve is finished (completely wrapping the handlebar) tighten the loop that is holding it together.
Move the loop end of the sleeve to about an inch of the end of the handlebar.

Step 5: ...Then Slip

Then, slip the foam grip over the loose ends of the zip ties.

Step 6: Now Pull!

Firmly grip the zip tie bundle AND the bicycle grip and start pulling both over the handlebar.
Stop pulling when the grip is in place. Now would also be a good time to make sure the grip is right-side up. Twist and adjust as needed.

Try to avoid pulling the grip over the zips tie loop.

Step 7: Pull Out and Reuse

Cut the zip tie loop and start pulling the zip ties that make up the sleeve one by one.
Pliers help here.

Step 8: Repeat As Needed and Enjoy

If it has one, put the end caps on the grip.
You'll probably have to repeat this one more time. I had to do this 3 more times because I'm fixing a tandem. Total net zip ties used: 4 as the ones I used for the sleeve went right back in my bag.

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    6 years ago


    I use water and if that does not work add a bit of liquid soap. Downside - After the grip is on it can take a few days to completely dry out and stick, but it always does.

    Even better if you have an air compressor, you can stick the tip under the edge of the grip and it will slightly inflate the grip making it slip right on (or off). Getting grips OFF in one piece so I can reuse them is just as important to me.

    (Always looking for justifications for keeping my air compressor...)

    That tandem looks like a lot of fun.