Introduction: Install Ubuntu 9.04 on a Flash Drive (Usbuntu)

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Introducing, Usbuntu (oo-sb-oo-nt-oo) Have you ever wanted to carry all of your information with you, without the worry about having the same Os? Here's the answer! This Instructable allows you to install Ubuntu 9.04 on a Flash Drive. Best part you can bring it everywhere in your pocket!

Important Info:
Linux is pretty impervious to windows and mac virus's which are the most common. You can be on literally any website to worry to keep a subscription to a Anti-Virus. Also most people have problems with getting Windows drivers to work on linux. There are many tutorials to do so, just requires some work.

What you need:
*Computer (Windows)
*Ubuntu 9.04 ISO *Download*
*2GB (or larger) Flash drive (fat32 formatted *Not included in instructable*)
*U904p.exe *Download*

These are optional if you got a bigger flash drive and you want to use more than 2gb of it. The default Usbuntu files only take up 1gb for system and 1gb for files and settings. These files change how much space files and settings will take up. Pick one its not possible to do 2 at a time.
*(Optional) 2GB casper-rw loop file *Download*
*(Optional) 3GB casper-rw loop file *Download*
*(Optional) 4GB casper-rw loop file *Download*

Step 1: Set the Files in Place

After downloading the files from the the intro step, we may start installing it on the flash drive.

First, put the U904p.exe on the flash drive and run it. (I think you must have 7-zip) Then, you put the Ubuntu Iso in the U904p folder. Finally, from the U904p folder run U904p.bat. It will then ask you for the Flash drive letter, enter it and press enter. It will set up all the files you need.

If you downloaded one of the casper files then you need to rename it to fit the one that is already in the U904p folder, then replace it. There you go!

Step 2: Process and Reboot

Wait till it is done processing the script, once it is done reboot the computer and change the BIOS to boot from the USB Removable Drive First then the Primary Hard Drive. This will allow the flash drive be booted up if you already ran the bat from the step from before. After you change those settings, reboot into your new usbuntu desktop!

Step 3: Your New Usbuntu

Your new Usbuntu desktop is READY to Go! If this is your first time with Ubuntu it may take a while to get us to it but its tons better than windows!

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