Install Zwave Sensor on TimeSquAir

Introduction: Install Zwave Sensor on TimeSquAir

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A 2-minute recipe to install the Zwave sensor on TimeSquAir


  • 1 TimeSquAir (Link)
  • 1 Zwave sensor (Link)


  • Recipe "Install Zwave on TimeSquAir"
  • The given example also uses the "Install Zwave LED Bulb on TimeSquAir"

Step 1: Recipe

1- Pair the Zwave sensor to the Zwave USB key

  • Open the Zwave sensor
  • Put the battery in (if not done yet)
  • Push the Zwave USB key button
  • It blinks blue
  • Triple press the sensor button (it glows blue)

2- Plug the Zwave USB key on TimeSquAir

3- Restart Node-RED

4- Triple press the sensor button and refresh your browser

5- The sensor's node appears in your workspace

You're done!

Step 2: Example: Connect the Zwave Sensor to the Zwave Bulb

To test the sensor, you can connect the Zwave sensor's node to the Zwave LED Bulb's node. When the sensor detects a motion, the Bulb turns on, and it turns off after a short time with no motion detected.

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