Install a 65cc Pollini Kit on a 1998 Italjeft Velocifero




Introduction: Install a 65cc Pollini Kit on a 1998 Italjeft Velocifero

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This instructable will show you how to add a pollini kit to a 1998 italjet velocifero scooter.

I did this about 5 years ago so some of the details might be lost, but since there is no information on Italjeft Velociferos on the internet maybe someone will find this useful.

Also I owe most of the real effort to my buddy Mark who knows motors where I really only know how to make LEDs blink... I kept asking him "Oh sh*t, whats that part do?"

This should take a few hours and a few sodas to finish...

Step 1: Parts and Tools

You will need a Pollini 65cc Kit and an italjet velocifero.

Allen Keys
Torque Wrench
Screw drivers
Socket Set

Step 2: Look Under the Skirt

Ok first things first, this is a pain...But lets get to it.

You need to unscrew the plastic shell over the motor. There are two screw underneath the scooter where the shell meets the frame.
Then two screws on the front bottom of the shell.

To get there you need to unflap the velcro cover on the bottom of the helmet storage area. Then hold the back of the screw with a 10mm wrench. There are two more screws holding on the seat, get rid of those. Then unscrew the passenger seat . Now you can pull this off.

Step 3: Helmet Lining

You also need to pull out the lining of the helmet storage. So there are some wires going into the oil checker. Take note of the wires and pull it out. Then you have to pull off the oil cup, yank that out.

Step 4: Fuse

When you yank it out you'll notice that the fuse is attached to the helmet liner. Take note of how it is attached pull it off.

Step 5: Remove the Gas Tank

Next you need to take off the gas and oil tanks.

Okay so this is a bitch as well. There is a bolt connecting a strap around both tanks. Loosen this up.I had to hold the "nut" side down with a pair of channel locks. Then pull off the strap. And pull our the tanks. Now the tanks are connected to the carb. So its easiest to unhook the tubes at the tank. Its messy. Plug the holes and be happy.

Step 6: Remove the Plug for the Starter

Remove the plug for the starter motor

Step 7: Remove the Cylinder

So then you can get to removing the plastic cover over the cylinder. Unhook the spark plug. pull off the plastic cover. Then unscrew all 4 screws holding on the cylinder. Our guess is that it is about 90ft/lbs on the screws. Pull off the cylinder head, then the cylinder.

Step 8: Pins

Unclip the pins from the sides of the piston. I pushed the pin through with a allen wrench...

Step 9: Rings

Put the rings on the piston, lining the gaps up with the bearing in the piston. Then put the piston on the rod, slide the pin through, put the clips into place. Slide the cylinder on the studs, then make sure the rings are still lined up with the bearing. Push it on the crank case. Then put the cylinder head back on. Tigthen in an x pattern to 90 ft/lbs and make sure they are evenly tightened.

Step 10: Reverse It Al

Reverse it all and call it a day. I had to adjust my carb. I need to loosen the air/fuel mix about 1/2 turn. Also to get it to start I had to spray a little starter fluid in the carb the first time.

This picture is of Mark and I trying to figure out if it actually sounds faster now...

Mark did all the real work, since I know nothing about motors.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, what was the top speed with the original piston and how fast the italjet is after the 65cc upgrade?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    The original top speed was 37, after the upgrade, 41.

    10% Is not so shabby! The torque increased quite a bit.



    12 years ago on Introduction

     Wait... how is this increasing the displacement? Do they provide a larger bore Cylinder? Otherwise, you merely changed the piston.