Introduction: Install a Maverick Upgrade Kit for a Klein Palomino

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The Klein Palomino is a great bike, but if you put in any decent amount of miles, every 6 months you need to replace the bushings in the rear suspension. Maverick released an upgrade kit and this is how to install it.

It comes with a peice of paper describing the install... but its a little sparse.

Step 1: Parts

Maverick Palomino Upgrade Kit :

10mm Socket
Bottom Bracket Tool
8mm allen wrench
10mm allen wrench
Torque wrench with 4mm allen and 15mm socket
Blue Locktite
Green Locktite

Step 2: Remove the Cranks

Remove the cranks
I had to use a 10mm allen wrench.

Step 3: Remove the Bottom Bracket

use you BB tool to remove it from the frame.

Step 4: Remove Front Derailleur

Remove Front Derailleur it is attached with just one allen bolt.

Step 5: Loosen the Two Lower Shock Bolts. DO NOT REMOVE

Loosen the two lower shock bolts. DO NOT REMOVE

Step 6: Remove the Stock Rocker Arm Bolts

Remove the stock rocker arm bolts.

When you remove the two 5mm allens, then use an 8mm allen to push out the long pivot bolt.

Step 7: Remove the Old Bushings

Tap out the old bushings, I had an 11mm socket that fit perfectly.

Step 8: Clean the Surface of the Frame

Clean off the surface of the frame where the bushings were. Use something soft like a tire lever, the frame is aluminium afterall.

Step 9: Put Green Locktite on the Brass Fittings

Put green locktite on the brass fittings.

Step 10: Press Them in to the Frame

Press them in to the frame using the "tool" which is just a bolt...

the brass fitting is on the INSIDE of the frame, not the outside...

Step 11: Install the New Monolink

Install the monolink in the frame.
Insert the black bolts from the drive side of the bike.

If you are having trouble look inside the bearings and notice the metal sleeve might not be lined up, just use a screwdriver and put it back in place.

Step 12: Nuts

Apply blue locktite on to the nuts and tighten them to 100 in/pounds

Step 13: Tighten the Lower Shock Bolts

tighten the lower shock bolts to 75 in/pds

Step 14: Reinstall Front Derailleur and Cranks


Step 15: Just Some Observations

Just compare the two parts. New one is longer and has bearings not bushings, I dig that...