Introduction: Install and Configure Linux Infrared Remote Control (LIRC) Daemon

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LIRC daemon decodes infrared (IR) signals. Upon receiving an IR signal, the daemon generates a specific LIRC event. Clients such as irexec daemon and XBMC/KODI listen for these LIRC events and respond accordingly.


This instructable will show how to install and configure an initial LIRC daemon. An initial LIRC daemon means it has not been hardwired to work with any IR remote control unit.

This instructable will NOT show how to use infrared (IR) remote control unit with the LIRC daemon.

Step 1: Add Infrared Sensor to Raspberry Pi's GPIO

Complete the steps in "Add Infrared Sensor to Raspberry Pi's GPIO" instructable.

Step 2: Install LIRC Package

Complete the steps in "Install LIRC Package" instructable.

Step 3: Configure LIRC Daemon

Open the terminal emulator

cd /etc/lirc

Make backup before we modify the file

sudo cp hardware.conf hardware.conf.pristine

Change the setting in the config file as shown in the screenshot.

sudo vi hardware.conf

Save the hardware.conf file

Place the Infrared Remote Control's configuration file in /etc/lirc

sudo cp /path/to/remotes_config_file /etc/lirc/lircd.conf

Step 4: Start the LIRC Daemon

Open terminal emulator

sudo service lirc start
[ ok ] Loading LIRC modules:.<br>[ ok ] Starting remote control daemon(s) : LIRC :.  

The above message indicates that we have successfully completed this instructable.