Introduction: Install Door Trim

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I rent a house from a great guy who isn't around to fix things. We made a deal that the rent would be low if I would take care of the fixes myself. For the past few years it's worked out and I've done tons of little projects.

It's funny that there are some things that are wrong that you just live with. There used to be some trim in the doorway to the bathroom, but I've never seen it. Instead I occasionally stub my toe on the 1/2" rise and kept thinking that I needed to take care of it.

Well, I finally took care of it and here's how.

Step 1: Get Stuff

What you need:
  • Trim to go into doorway
  • Saw
  • Adhesive to keep it in place. I'm using Loctite Power Grab
The trim I got is made out of plastic as I figured this would be better for an area with moisture. It's a little short for the space, but I had to make do with what Home Depot had in stock.

Step 2: Cut to Size

First step is easy enough. Measure the widest point that the trim is going into and cut it down to size.

Step 3: Cut to Shape

Now for the tricky part. Since the trim needs to fit into the odd-shaped space that the trim on the sides has created, it will need an interesting cut. So make plenty of measurements, draw out the shape you need, and cut it. The result will be spectacularly perfect.

OK, so it's not perfect, it's just not fitting. Now you get to go back and forth from the doorway to your cutting area as you take off little pieces until it fits.

Step 4: Get Out the Glue!

Make sure both surfaces are nice and clean and use some adhesive to keep it all in place. Again, here I'm using Loctite Power Grab. Cut off the end of the nozzle, pop it in the caulk gun and get to work!

At first I ran a bead along the middle and placed the trim down. I then popped it up to see how much it had spread. Well, not so much since the surface has a lot of indentations. So then more was added and I stood on it to make sure the adhesive has spread into all the nooks and crannies.

Step 5: Done! Huzzah!

No more stubbing of toes! It's in!

Right now it's working, but I may also add trim nails to make sure it's in place. This would be done already, but I have a little guy in the house who's not too keen on loud, banging noises. It ruins his sleep which then affects mine, A cascade of insomnia.

So one little task around the house done, plenty more to go.