Install Hipstamatic and All Its Packs From Scratch and Beyond




Introduction: Install Hipstamatic and All Its Packs From Scratch and Beyond

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Things you will need
jailbroken iphone if you have to ask just close the browser now
a program like ifunbox or any app that will allow you to view and edit the file system
the files for the packs and config files
plist editor
If you dont like ifunbox just google ifunbox alternative and ifunbox alternative for mac

Step 1: Download the Needed Files and Programs

first get ifunbox install it 

if you dont see the raw file system and var dir then your phone is either not jailbroken or you need to install something in cydia it explains it on the website. I've never had to do it.

DL the zip or rar or however it has been packed up. Google how to find that.
unzip it to a folder. just create a new one call it hipstamtic then version number and number of packs lke hipstv2.3.1_8addons.
do this so next time you dl the new packs you will know whats what and it will help you with installing new  packs or  to update already cracked installations or to purchased app that you are just going to copy the packs onto

Step 2: Copy Files Over

now in funbox or whatever program u use you will have dig down deep in the var sub folders. the exact location is in a text file in the unziped dir and I will type it.  the files and folders you change are always named the same and in the same location. so next update you will do the same thing just with some more folders in a folder titled application support.

lets get started here are the places we need to go

Replace   -----Application Support------ this is the whole folder located in the dir below. You can delete the original you can rename it just in case or copy to your HD just in case.

or do step 4 if you meet the criteria


Next we replace just a single file in the location below

Replace     -----com.syntheticcorp.hipstamatic.plist-----  located ni


you can do the same with the original save it etc.

that should be it. If you installed Hipstamatic on a jailbroken phone and copied over the files to the correct places you should have
Hipstamatic with ever thing that is available.

now just check out the next few steps. Since I wrote them,

Step 3: Reboot Device

reboot the device after this

once back up check the app you should have all the packs the zip sys it has

if not recheck the dir correct

if no good then uninstall then reinstall and start over this time paying better attention to the dir its the reason why it didnt work in

the first place.

you can tell if you have the pcks by A you have the film and flashes or B go to the store and it will show all the packs and say mine

Step 4: Optional Install

if you already have previously installed hipstamatic and paks, paid for versions or cracked 

If all you would like to do is add a new pak. All you need to do is add the new pak to /var/mobile/Applications/hipstamatic/Library/ folder and copy the com.plist file to /var/mobile/Applications/hipstamatic/Library/Preferences

But this erases all saved preferences because we are writing over the plist file that saves your preferences like film order what films are disabled and what connections to flickr etc.

If you would like to keep the preferences then download plist editor.

drag your original plist from the /var/mobile/Applications/hipstamatic/Library/Preferences to your computer and open it with plist editor. You will see that it is much larger in file and what is written in it then the plist that comes with the new pack because it has all your saved data.

you may want to make a backup of this file

In the plist editor open the file on your computer and look for these parts of the code.

most of this is near the bottom.

first add the pak as a whole to







add in


Save the plist then drag it back to /var/mobile/Applications/hipstamatic/Library/Preferences

overwriting old plist and preferences

and reboot

if you have any questions i may answer them if i have time

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