Introduction: Install IJDMTOY Audi A7 LED Reverse Lights

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European cars generally have a pretty good rep when it comes to luxury, but you can never have too much class, especially in an Audi. If you wanted to change up your Audi a little, a great way to start would be to swap out the stock reverse light bulbs for a set of super bright Audi A7 LED Reverse Lights so that you can have better visibility during the night. The last thing you'd want to do is back in your previous car into the trashcan or even into another car, so a new set of LED backup lights is a great idea.

Step 1:

Remove the tail light. You will need to take off the black cover piece in order to expose the screws so you can separate the tail light from the rest of the vehicle.

Step 2:

Remove the cover of the backup lamp. Be sure to set the bolts in a safe place so you can retrieve them later.

Step 3:

Remove the screws holding the stock backup lamp bulb in place so you can remove the stock reverse light bulb. Disconnect the wire that's attached to the stock backup lamp bulb.

Step 4:

Replace it with the LED bulb. You will have to position the LED bulb so that you can have sufficient space to screw in the Torx screw to secure the LED bulb.

Connect the decoder to the LED bulb and then into the tail light harness.

Take some electrical tape and wrap it around the connections so they don't come apart.

Step 5:

Tuck the wiring and decoder. Test to see if everything works. If it does, you can re-install the assembly and repeat on the other side.

Step 6:

You can see that there's no major modification involved when it comes to installing these Audi A7 LED Backup Lights and you can get a whole new look in no time. These LED lamps would definitely do the luxury car justice and you will be able to see what's behind you when you back up during the night!