Introduction: Install IJDMTOY Mercedes Benz GLK LED Daytime Running Lights

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The Mercedes Benz GLK is a very popular car seen on the roads, with ample interior space as well as a sleek exterior design. While the GLK has plenty of exterior features, you can never have too much lighting upgrades that bring together the car as a whole. These Mercedes-Benz GLK LED DRL is a direct fit assembly that fits snugly onto the lower bumper to give you a complete lighting set for a whole new look.

Step 1:

Remove the front bumper.

You would have to remove the front wheels and the fender liner that's held on with push pin rivets. Remove the bolts that hold the undercarriage cover under the front.

Step 2:

Remove the stock fog lamps stock fog lamp and the fog lamp bezel covers.

Proceed to directly replace back with the new LED daytime running lamps.

Step 3:

For the driver and passenger side, connect the decoder included in the package and mount the decoder to a metal frame.

Place the module box at least above the crash beam frame. Be sure to keep it at almost the same level as the headlights to prevent any water damage.

Step 4:

Test to make sure everything works and enjoy your new LED daytime running lights.

Step 5:

This kind of new Mercedes-Benz GLK LED DRL look is great for anyone who wants to give their GLK a new upgrade, but didn't want to do any major modification work. You can never go wrong with a new set of LED lamps for your prized luxury car.