How to Install the Resin Tray

Introduction: How to Install the Resin Tray

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To learn how to properly installing the resin tray, first watch this video, then follow the instructions listed below...

Step 1: Install the Resin Tray

  1. Remove the resin tray from the plastic bag
  2. Slot the resin tray onto the rotation plate.
  3. Once the tray's tabs are inserted into the holes on the rotation plate, slide it forward, so that the tab at the front of the tray inserts under the tray.

The resin tray should sit flush with the rotation plate, with the tabs locked in place.

CAUTIONIf the resin tray is not correctly installed you may damage your printer

Step 2: Add Resin

WARNINGWhen handling resin wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection

  1. Gently shake resin before use
  2. Pour into resin tray
  3. Fill up to maximum line of 100ml

CAUTIONFilling the resin tray above the maximum line will cause damage to your printer

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