Introduction: Install Vintage-car Chrome Door Handles in Your House

You can install vintage chrome car door handles in your house for a cool look. Can be implemented for wooden doors, cabinets, furniture of all kinds. I din't try to make the button functional to unlock the door (this door is just a basement closet door with a deadbolt lock on it). Let your imagination fly!

Step 1: Obtain an Old Car Door Handle

Get yourself a vintage car door handle like this. This one came from an MGB (I always happen to have some around, I'm a British sports car enthusiast), but you can find them cheaply on ebay. A few things will need to be done to it before we can attach it to the door. In your case, it will depend on the kind of handle you can find. Notice that there is are two small bolts (one on the right and one on the left, these will hold the handle on to the door. Notice the big mechanism for the button, you will carve the wood on the door to let that move freely and preserve the spring action on the handle.

Step 2: Polish the Chrome

I have a buffer and I gave the handle a quick polishing to make it look better. If you don't have a buffer, you could use various chemical polishing compunds like "Blue Max", "Mothers", "Brasso", etc... Wear gloves, the chemicals are really rough on your skin! When you're done, the handle will look way better!

Step 3: Grind Off the Handle If Necessary

This handle had a lip that would prevent a flat fit against the surface of the door, so I ground it off.

Step 4: Drill the Door.

At this point I used a spade drill bit to recess the bolts at the right depth. Do this as appropriate for your particular situation.

Step 5: Bolt the Handle to the Door

I used the nuts and bolts from the original car door handle. Use a socket wrench to tighten them in (your hole will need to be wide enough to let you do this).

Step 6: You're Done!

I carved a hole big enough for the spring mechanism to fit inside the door and keep the spring action on the button on the handle, although it is not functional. But check it out, it looks pretty neat!